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51 Call Raval Reported As Fire Broke

Two people have died and four have been injured in the fire in a house in Cassà de la Selva (Gironès). According to the Diari de Girona , the house was occupied and the light was punctured .

The fire has broken out on the ground floor of a block of flats located at number 51 Calle del Raval in the municipality. The manipulation of the electrical installation is considered as the most probable cause of the event.

As reported by the Fire Brigade of the Generalitat, the fire, which has already been extinguished, has started for reasons that are being investigated around 8:40 this Friday in a house located on the ground floor of the building, inside which the equipment emergency have located two fatalities. Due to the fire, four people have also been poisoned by smoke inhalation, three of whom have been evacuated to the Santa Caterina hospital, in Girona, while the other has been discharged from the place.

Although Bombers de la Generalitat investigates the causes of the fire, the first hypotheses suggest that it could be due to a manipulation of the electrical installation, according to the Interior Minister, Miquel Sàmper , who has reported that the first evaluations indicate that the The building’s structure has not been affected by the fire.

The house where the fire originated is occupied. The Mossos are investigating the causes of the fire as well as the identity of the two fatalities, who have been “completely charred”, as Sàmper has described. Although the origin of the fire is unknown for now, what the police have verified is that the affected apartment had a punctured light.

A few days ago, Diari de Girona reported precisely that residents of Raval street complained about occupations and the problems of crime and incitement that this generated . One of the buildings they were complaining about is precisely the one that was damaged this Friday.

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