June 17, 2021

Valencia Takes The First Blow In The Final

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The Valencia Basket beat the Perfume Avenue (64-67) the first match of the final of the League Endesa women ‘s basketball, which has been disputed in Salamanca, in a bright and vibrant meeting that has opted in favor of Valencian in the last seconds of overtime.

The game did not have a clear dominance, with two teams that have played masterfully, with two coaches, Roberto Íñiguez and Rubén Burgos , who constantly pulled strategy to try to dismantle their opponent, although in the last seconds they sentenced the whole Valencian with a 2 + 1 in favor of Raquel Carrera .

With this result, Valencia Basket arrives on Sunday with an advantage to play the second game on their court, although Perfumerías Avenida has shown game and self-confidence this season to play in difficult moments.

This result could not be seen by the 700 spectators who were able to enter the Würzburg pavilion in Salamanca, since with the extension being played at 9:50 p.m., they were ‘invited’ to leave the field to get them to arrive at their homes at 10 p.m. before the schedule decreed by the state of alarm.

Exchange of blows
That was the first quarter, an exchange of scorers that did not lead either team to distance themselves on the scoreboard, and which ended with five over for Valencia Basket thanks to Romero’s last points .

Faced with this result, Perfumerías Avenida returned to the second quarter with force, with the two Samuelson sisters with three consecutive trebles that put the Salamanca team ahead, although the end of this quarter Valencia Basket accelerated again and stayed ahead.

And, as usual in Perfumerías, the third quarter was much better, with a great Hayes, who allowed the Valencians to achieve a 6-0 score and beat the scoreboard thanks to two final points from Lou Samuelson.

The last quarter was identical, even in play and similar in score, although in their last attacks the Salamancans were more erratic, which led to the end of the game and extra time.

The last five minutes, with the public leaving the pavilion, the Valencians were superior, especially thanks to Raquel Carrera who was the one who achieved the last three points of the match that gave Valencia Basket victory .

Perfumerías Avenida: Silvia Domínguez (3), Hayes (14), K. Samuelson (11), L. Samuelson (12) and Hof (6) -five starting- Leo Rodríguez (3), Cazorla (2), Milic, Vilaró (7) and Alarie (6).

Valencia Basket : Ouviña (9), Allen (2), Casas (8), Trahan-Davis (11) and Gullich (2) -five starting- Romero (9), Gómez (5), Juskaite, Carrera (19) and Pina (2).

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