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Originally created 10/31/2003Here is my AV300-specific Wishlist. Be sure to see the new General PVP Wishlist I'm building. The old wishlist started with the JBM20 and can be found here: JBM20 WishList. Many of the features from that wishlist have been... more

Orignally created 6/23/2003What does Overclock mean? Overclocking means running the CPU (DSP) at a higher frequency - all CPUs run at a set Frequency. For the AV300/AV100s the options are: 94.5, 99, and 108mhz (Standard, Overclock Yellow, Overclock Red). What... more

-syndicated from better cables? In 1979, a man named Noel Lee made a discovery. He determined that different cable materials impacted the sound when used to connect speakers to amplifiers. Noel used his discovery and crafted a special... more

-syndicated from TechLore.comIn the world of today's consumer electronics, you have a wide variety of connection choices. If you're somewhat with the times, you abandoned the screw-type RF connection years ago, and went to a line level "composite video... more

While it's great that high definition-capable displays are getting so cheap nowadays, there still seems to be a lingering problem with most of them: if you actually want to watch anything in HDTV, it's still going to cost you an arm and a leg for a tuner.... more

If you have a TiVo, ReplayTV, or other DVR, you're undoubtedly familiar with the concept of DVR maintenance. You know, the 10-20 minutes of deleting, preserving, and setting up recordings that has become a daunting and unending task. Should you have to... more

As a companion piece to my other article about streaming audio around the house, I am ready to help those once again following in my digital footsteps. This time we are talking about how to watch your favorite television shows wherever you want, but more... more

Let's face it - there's usually never a phone jack where you need one. Whether you want phone in the living room or want to move your TiVo or ReplayTV to a television somewhere without a phone jack, wiring one in can sometimes be impossible or expensive.You... more

I had been keeping my eye on the Akimbo folks for the past year so when they dropped the price of their Internet DVR to below $100, I figured it was time to give it a shot. What follows is my initial take on this intriguing new product/service combo. I... more

Recently, I have circled back with many of my fellow TiVo-ers and discovered that, like me, many have opted for a second TiVo for their household. While anyone who has discovered the DVR phenomenon will certainly understand how two TiVos can be better than... more

I have been a TiVo fanatic for many years. I have personally purchased five separate units, and three are still in very active use even as I write this. I love the DVR concept so much that I also built two "homemade" versions using products from Snapstream... more


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FLATennaPHOENIX, AZ – August 20, 2014 – Channel Master, the nation’s leading manufacturer of broadcast reception products since... more

PR release PHOENIX, AZ – July 9, 2014

Furthering its TV Freedom™ initiative for consumers, Channel Master announced today the launch of a new DVR+ model that includes a 1TB... more

I recently decided to give the Squeezebox Server on my MediaSmart EX495.  If you are not familiar with any of the Squeezebox products, they are worth looking at if you'd like to have a device that can connect to your stereo and your network, and play your audio files from a centralized file repository.  Squeeze products... more

So, today I decided it was time to add a few drives to my EX495, just to see how it easy it was, expand the capacity, and more importantly, ensure that I had some redundancy in the case of a drive failure.  

After doing a bit or reading, I came to the realization that the MediaSmart Server does not use... more

As I mentioned in my 2nd article (Part 2 of Setting IUp my MediaSmart EX495), one other aspect of getting rid of the "network critical" warning on my Home Server Console dashboard was to enable remote access.  As I said before,

Enabling the Web Services was easy enough.  It was a bit of a magical experience,... more

Why is There an HP MediaSmart Server In My House?

If, a few months ago, anyone told me I'd eventually have an HP MediaSmart Server in my house, I would have laughed them right out of the room. 

"Me?  Why would I EVER want something like that?  I build my own Windows PCs, Linux file servers, and I even already have a network storage array, sitting happily in my basement, loaded with MP3s, videos, photos, and random documents we do not store locally on any of the desktops in our home.  And speaking of desktops, we have multiple laptops, Windows and Mac PCs, so I'm fully capable of supporting a complex, heterogeneous and sophisticated environment, right?  Why would I NEED a server dedicated to my media and backup when I already have these things already, right?"