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Once a dream for many homeowners, home theater systems are now commonplace in even the most basic home designs. Audiovisual enthusiasts are taking the design of the home theater to a whole new level, adding special touches that make a system unique and state... more

If you’ve been hesitant to enter the world of the Digital Video Recorder (DVR), time shifting, and place shifting because it seems complicated and confusing, you may only need a short primer on the topic. Once you know how a DVR works, and what it can do for... more

VideoReDo works really well with a hacked TiVo’s extracted video files and TiVo Series 2 TiVoToGo files, but VideoReDo can also be used with captured video from a plethora of other devices such as Pinnacle PCTV To Go, video capture cards (like the HDHomeRun... more

Got a TiVo Series 2 DVR? Then you already have the tools necessary to copy recorded shows from TiVo to your PC using TiVo's "TiVoToGo" functionality. No hacked TiVo required - just a Series 2 or later TiVo with the TiVoToGo functionality. (If you have a... more

A couple weeks ago, we posted an overview of VideoReDo - the MPEG video editor which allows you to edit TV shows, Movies and Home Videos in minutes rather than hours. This is a more in-depth look at the features and functionality of the software. VideoReDo... more

  Are you easily spooked by terms such as “place shifting?" Don't be. This is actually an easily used technology that is far less intimidating than it sounds to most of us. Did you record the game, or your favorite "can't miss" show last weekend when... more

VideoReDo’s AdDetective Commercial Detection makes short work of cutting advertisements out from your videos. AdDetective scans your files for likely places where advertisements start and end. You can preview and change AdDetective recommendations before... more

If you have used TyTools to cut out commercials from your extracted video from a hacked TiVo, you know what a time-consuming, non-exact and ultimately frustrating process that is. VideoRedo can save you time and make those exact cuts. In addition, using... more

IntroductionHigh Definition Recording Comparison Remote Control Comparison Interface and Ease of Use Comparison Software Feature Set Comparison Comparable Products Summary   After releasing the initial comparison of MythTV and TiVo Series 3, there were just... more

Welcome to TiVo Series 3, the high definition successor for those who have grown accustomed to watching and managing recorded television shows with TiVo Series 2. This stylish unit offers additional storage space and more ways of recording what you want.... more

If you have been shopping for TV Tuner cards for your homebrew DVR or an HDTV lately, you’ve probably run across the following acronyms: NTSC, ATSC and QAM and wondered what they are. NTSC refers to the committee that created the standard called the National... more


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FLATennaPHOENIX, AZ – August 20, 2014 – Channel Master, the nation’s leading manufacturer of broadcast reception products since... more

PR release PHOENIX, AZ – July 9, 2014

Furthering its TV Freedom™ initiative for consumers, Channel Master announced today the launch of a new DVR+ model that includes a 1TB... more

I recently decided to give the Squeezebox Server on my MediaSmart EX495.  If you are not familiar with any of the Squeezebox products, they are worth looking at if you'd like to have a device that can connect to your stereo and your network, and play your audio files from a centralized file repository.  Squeeze products... more

So, today I decided it was time to add a few drives to my EX495, just to see how it easy it was, expand the capacity, and more importantly, ensure that I had some redundancy in the case of a drive failure.  

After doing a bit or reading, I came to the realization that the MediaSmart Server does not use... more

As I mentioned in my 2nd article (Part 2 of Setting IUp my MediaSmart EX495), one other aspect of getting rid of the "network critical" warning on my Home Server Console dashboard was to enable remote access.  As I said before,

Enabling the Web Services was easy enough.  It was a bit of a magical experience,... more