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Gamers are not liking Windows 11 New Update.

Microsoft Windows 11 gives greater security includes and is the most secure Windows framework ever. Be that as it may, its underlying security element will cause a genuine decrease in its gaming execution. UL benchmarks, the distributer of 3DMark programming, revealed today that after a progression of tests, it was discovered that Microsoft’s virtualization-based Security (VBS) capacity of Windows 11 can decrease game execution by up to 30%.

The complete name of this element is “virtualization-based security highlights”. This element is dynamic in the new Windows 11 of course. Be that as it may, if clients update from Win10 to Win11, this element won’t be empowered as a matter of course. At the point when this capacity is dynamic, Win11’s running score and game execution will diminish.

In the testing of “Burial place Raider: Shadow” on Window 11, the outcomes show that gaming is conflicting with Computer Base, and the hole is clearly past the blunder range. The justification behind this outcome might be the distinction in the Win11 see variant framework.

Microsoft VBS security work utilizes equipment virtualization to make a protected memory region to run programs. Subsequently, it confines the program from the working framework. On the off chance that this element is dynamic, the insurance of the framework fundamentally improves to forestall malignant assaults. As indicated by the report, this element is of little importance to standard clients. We trust that Microsoft can impair this element naturally in the authority form of Windows 11. Obviously, undertaking clients can decide to physically empower it.

UL benchmarks said that it will refresh the 3D Mark test programming in the future to effectively identify whether the client’s framework has the VBS work empowered, to guarantee the validity of the test outcomes. 3D Mark has another update (rendition 5.43) which offers help for the most recent GPU. The update additionally works on the exactness of the Intel Tiger Lake processor investigation. Besides, it fixes the past erroneous recurrence location issue.

In Windows 11, in the “Start” menu, Microsoft said it will zero in on clients and their substance. With the force of the cloud and Microsoft 365, the Start menu will show clients the reports they have as of late saw on different gadgets.

Notwithstanding, since that Microsoft is going to deliver the authority adaptation of Windows 11, it is difficult to change the way the new “Start” menu works. The new “Start” menu has been dubious among clients for some reasons. The little part arrangement of Windows 11 is likewise a platitude, similar as the news and interest spring up windows of Windows 10.

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